Friday, May 29, 2009

Ais Kacang

dis is kampar famous ais kacang (since i'm based in kampar, so u'll b seeing/reading lotsa food from kampar, d new district of perak -fyi, we hav 10 districts instead of 9 now-).. ok k, back to my ice kacang... d corner shop in d town is d 1 selling dis popular ice kacang, unfortunately oni tourists or outsiders will drop by, not d locals becoz of d price -paying 3bucks for dis bowl of ice is not worth it- personally, u guys shud try it if u happen to b in kampar, though ntg unusual (it tastes just like other ice kacang in any other stalls/shops)...

Monday, May 11, 2009


picture of the day

takoyaki's cousin

Friday, May 1, 2009

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks

Ey..Shihlin Shihlin...
You can get these everywhere around the mall.

One of my friend, she love snacks thingy..she chomps snack all the time and do not take important meal regularly. claiming that too full to eat dinner etc. Yeap, very into street snack that kind..

It was few months ago, she said she feels like eating something after few hours of exercising legs (shopping)..yeap and again wanna eat the snacks thingy la...and I'm not a big fans of snacks..I only take heavy meal. But then, follow her also...because she said got RICE there.

And then she ordered mee suah... I followed her, trusting the crazy lady's taste based on her enthusiasm on street snacks ...
Handmade Oyster Mee Sua

This is nice I thought...really really very wonder she said she crave for this mee. Because its simply craveable. After I eat these..I started to crave now and then.
You see, the portion is small nia..but very full the 3 oysters delight me, chicken floss...not so into..and can add vinegar all you want.

The soup? Pekat-ish and the mee kenyal-ish..not like the normal mee suah that your mum cook. This one fulls of kekenyalan.

Oyster hodoh. I like to eat you.

Crispy Floss Egg Crepe

Some of the snacks you can find there...nice also..but not crave able

The chicken is like Uncle Bob's chicken..crispy on the edge..hmmm I dont take these...
because too goreng-ted and oily-ed. scare scare...not good for health you know...once in a while can la..
Happy! Ricebox Set

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks ® is everybody's favourite Taiwanese food chain featuring popular snacks from the alleys of Taiwan's night markets.

Prepared the way they do over in Taiwan, the menu features authentic favorites such as XXL Crispy Chicken, Crispy Floss Egg Crepe, Handmade Oyster Mee Sua and Seafood Tempura.


Call me when you going ya...
Or maybe they can start to think delivery business... and I'm gonna be the first one to order that...bloody mee suah

Monday, April 27, 2009

this is called - 'whatever pasta'

I love experiment with food... as in cooking... sometimes I will wonder which vege mix with others (vege,meat etc) will get the best taste. I would think why people dont cook fruits? carrot to make the dish sweet...why not apple? Aihhh...

The other day, I experiment with pasta see this...doink doink doink Uncooked spaghetti....

cooked spaghetti...

My experiment steps:

1. Boil water with IKAN BILIS..often i use ikan bilis rather than salt...ikan bilis got the aroma...
2. Boil carrot together with IKAN BILIS..
3. While boiling...cincang garlic
rendam cendawan
rendam tomato
tomato lonely...
I put 1 tomato only.
Because ...

4. You can see the gravy from Heinz...i add a lil water...a lil tomato and chillie cover the smells. I distaste the smells...and add 1 huge Onion...hmmm...because I love onion? I tot no harm to put inside.

5. Woohoo...throw whatever cincang-ed, potong-ed, rendam-ed stuff inside....before that, take out the damn ikan bilis...or else you will have hard time telan your mee...erm yea mee?masak masak...tambah garam gula all you want...

6. Tadahhh!!! Ready to be serve....I name it 'whatever pasta'

Food tester no.1, my mama, Mrs.Chin.

Mrs.Chin: Okay wat...not bad...*gobble gobble*

Food tester no.2, me myself, Ms.Chin.

Ms.Chin: speechless...*eww*
Mrs.Chin: the gravvy not enough...
Ms.Chin: put a lot ledi weihh...put too much got that smell know i don like
Mrs.Chin: *gobble gobble*
Ms.Chin: (....not bad what...she also can finish it...phewww)

Hehehhh*pats shoulder*

Look to D East

japanese r a bunch of people admired by many.. not only they are good in inventing missiles, but they are considered d masters in gastronomy as well, dat explained y our former p.m to "pandang timur"... sushi is my fav, also loved by my frends..... initially, it was sushi king, now sakae sushi, m waiting for any who is willing to bring me to another sushi franchise... so far, sakae sushi is d best i've eva tasted... (so far, sounded like an eassay entitle: sushi)...

*d pix above needs some elaboration*
they were frm my mail box but it was in mandarin so god knows wat he/she was talking about but d pix of d food caught my attention.. u have, d window, tiger wood, starbucks blended green tea (my fav), play station etc etc n hello kitty sets (still cnt figure out y ppl lurve dat cat without mouth/lips n nose so much).. they r indeed very presentable but d taste, oni d creators know..

so, fellow malaysians, try turning our nasi lemak, roti canai n laksa into something like dat..

p/s: wat nonsense hav i written... grrrrr..