Monday, April 27, 2009

Look to D East

japanese r a bunch of people admired by many.. not only they are good in inventing missiles, but they are considered d masters in gastronomy as well, dat explained y our former p.m to "pandang timur"... sushi is my fav, also loved by my frends..... initially, it was sushi king, now sakae sushi, m waiting for any who is willing to bring me to another sushi franchise... so far, sakae sushi is d best i've eva tasted... (so far, sounded like an eassay entitle: sushi)...

*d pix above needs some elaboration*
they were frm my mail box but it was in mandarin so god knows wat he/she was talking about but d pix of d food caught my attention.. u have, d window, tiger wood, starbucks blended green tea (my fav), play station etc etc n hello kitty sets (still cnt figure out y ppl lurve dat cat without mouth/lips n nose so much).. they r indeed very presentable but d taste, oni d creators know..

so, fellow malaysians, try turning our nasi lemak, roti canai n laksa into something like dat..

p/s: wat nonsense hav i written... grrrrr..

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youre so far away...

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